Our IT Services

SoftManagement offers a broad set of IT solutions that ensure the operational continuity, transactionality, connectivity and processing of the technological platforms that support the operational processes of our clients.

Software Development
Custom software

We are experts in understanding the needs of our clients supported by the best practices in the field of development; with the participation of our professionals you have the best alternatives for your processes can be systematized in an innovative, creative and timely manner, leaving satisfied customers and fulfilling expectations to optimize your business.

Software Maintenance
Organization and Integration of Information Systems

SoftManagement and the staff involved in the processes of support and warranty of its products, provides all its customers solutions to the needs that arise during these stages, as we understand the purpose of each system offered and the importance of maintaining its operation permanently.

Consulting in Information Systems
Integration of business solutions supported in technology.

Our Information Systems Consulting service provides our clients with a critical and professional vision of how you can change your business to improve, align and achieve the strategic objectives of your organization; by diagnosing data, applications and infrastructure, focusing on identifying gaps to achieve meet the needs of change.

Testing and Quality Assurance
Identification of quality level in Software products.

We emphasize our work in understanding the most important aspects of your business, focusing on software testing to implement scenarios that guarantee the quality of your product and certifying compliance with the requirements for which it was developed. Our management contributes in the reduction of costs of correction and maintenance, framed in the philosophy of generating productivity, satisfaction and confidence to our clients.

“We develop technological solutions with commitment and passion for an innovative world”

Our Higher Purpose

Why you should hire our services

We have the best software development team.

Highly experienced staff

The experience of our professionals, their skills, professional training and performance over 20 years in the development of multiple projects support the quality of our work.

Always in pursuit of excellence

Our organization maintains quality management systems that guarantee and ensure compliance in the provision of our services and products, meeting the efficiency and productivity needs of companies in the world today.

We are alert to new ideas

As an IT company, we go hand in hand with innovation, new practices and the constant change of technology, always seeking to place all this at the service of our customers.

1. Safety and Health at Work

We work day by day through the implementation of our management programs, through which we carry out actions aimed at preventing injuries and illnesses. Thanks to this management and the promotion of a culture of self-care, we have a healthy work team committed to safety and health at work.

2. Information Security

We have devoted much effort to the implementation of Safety Management System Information under the Technical Standards International ISO 27001: 2013. We were able to translate the model’s requirements into tangible and useful practices that are now implemented transversally throughout the organization and that provide our clients with the guarantee of integrity, confidentiality and availability of information.

3. SoftManagement: Committed to the Environment.

We implement initiatives aimed at mitigating the environmental impact we generate to achieve our objectives. It has been a process in which all our collaborators have participated, have been involved and, as well, carry a positive message with a change of culture to their homes.

Certifications, Awards and Alliances

Our Products


Compensation Account Management System


Avoid penalties, save time, reduce processes, generate quickly, orderly and consolidated electronic transmission files to control entities, through COUNT€X$ and their massive cargo customs, exchange and banking.


Credit Profile Analysis System


Mitigates the risk of granting credit. Generate concept of viability of your potential customers. Analyze the credit profile of natural and legal persons online. Get information for decision making against the grant amount and term. Optimize response times and costs associated with the analysis of a credit application.


Insurance System


PHAROS is a comprehensive system for managing secure, fully configurable, aimed at end users and implemented to operate on web. The dynamism of insurance companies today requires a flexible application that allows them to face dynamism with the requirements of competitiveness in the market, without compromising the performance required for this type of business.


Open Data Portal


CityDatos, is the web tool developed by SoftManagement SA, which will allow citizens to consult agile, quick and easily the most relevant information, such as budgets, plans, government programs, contracts, management indicators among other topics, previously defined By each entity, allowing through a module of citizen participation the interaction through forums, surveys, and mobile applications.

Work with Us - SoftManagement S.A.

In SoftManagement the pursuit of excellence does not stop, it is why we constantly encourage the development of people with excellent professional skills, which allow to establish a long-term relationship with our company.